“...our slogan must not be “Burn, baby, burn.” It must be, “Build, baby, build.” “Organize, baby, organize.” Yes, our slogan must be “Learn, baby, learn,” so that we can earn, baby, earn.”

— Martin Luther King Jr, 1967.

If you think for a nanosecond the riots across our country last night were in honor of George Floyd, the man killed by a policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I have some property in the Love Canal I would love to lease you.

The newsbreaking revelation that the 95.1 radio personalities will be furloughed next week has been the talk of Rochester radio.

Kimberly Ray, as you should clearly be aware, knows more about just about anything than you; ergo, in your best interests, you should adhere as to what she has to say on the drive-time 95.1 radio show, Kimberly & Beck.

There are very few constants in life. To rattle off a few....Death. Taxes. Another season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Construction on I-490. And mind boggling DUMB comments from my favorite radio idiot behind the mic, Deanna King on Twitter. 

Your parents may disappoint you. Your spouse, your kids, your friends...they all fall short of expectation from time to time. Sometimes they fail often. But not Deanna King.

One of my favorite movies of the 1970s was Dirty Harry. Clint Eastwood's portrayal of Harry Callahan was so perfect, and struck a chord with so many Vietnam-era Americans, that he parlayed the success of the movie into several popular sequels. 

He (as well as Charles Bronson and Joe Don Baker, in the later films Death Wish and Walking Tall), ushered into American consciousness the new American hero/icon: the vigilante.

Deanna King is STILL 

a fucking stupid moronic 


(This message has been brought to you by 

the Center for Deanna King Disease Control 

and the Corporation for her to STFU)

Recently, the website Reddit contained an incriminating thread which called out local Rochester area comedian Woody Battaglia of actions that were seen by many Rochester-area people as a little short of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, but not by much. The brouhaha started on tumblr, and the reverberations of the posts sent shockwaves that made people in the Flour City drop their garbage plates in horror.

Who is Woody Battaglia? Well, his real name is Ron Wood. 

NOT this Ron Wood.

If you were working for years as an anchorwoman for a rather large news market like Austin, Texas, and leave big ratings and name recognition to reboot your career in a third rate joke news market such as Rochester, New York, you either (a) suck at what you do, or (b) suck at what you do. 

There is absolutely no reason for Kris Betts. 

At all.

Kris Betts is like a celery and vichyssoise soup dinner with a glass of peach flavored seltzer water and a stale scone for dessert.

WHAM-13 in Rochester has a major problem on their hands. 

And for a change, it is not the calloused hand that obtained anchors (like Nikki Rudd) tenured employment. 

It goes much deeper, to the hallowed concept of a local news anchor having a very "serious job," entrusting the public with their expertise, and not one of those "selling GRIT magazine" kind of pseudo employments that us former children occupied ourselves (and irritated our neighbors) in years yonder.

They canned Billy D'Ettore at Radio 95.1.

That is a disgrace.

The powers be at iHeart (Joe Bonadonna and his Weinstein/Jeffrey Epstein looking cronies) shitcanned the ONLY person working in the ENTIRE FM radio industry in Rochester, New York, who was actually doing SOMETHING creative beside talking about the Red Wings or Buffalo Bills, promulgating "mugshot radio," or airing the same 5 to 7 Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Rush tunes (no offense to the late Neil Peart).